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SEO Copywriting Offer

Even if your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy propels you to the top of Google, you’ve wasted your money if the extra visitors don’t want to buy your products or services.

That’s where SEO copywriting comes in. When you ask us to write SEO copy for your site, you not only benefit from keyword-rich pages, optimised titles and headings and the rest – you get copy sells.

So, whether you want to sharpen up your SEO strategy, or you’re starting from scratch, take advantage of this month’s offer to deck out your website in sales-driven SEO copywriting – at a huge 20% discount on normal prices.

What’\'” s in your SEO copywriting package?

When you sign up for our SEO copywriting package, you get a professional service that includes…

  • A full phone interview by one of our copywriters – so whether you need us to write fresh copy, edit existing copy, or perform a website health check, we understand who you’re selling to and what you want to achieve
  • Professional keyword research – we make sure your website contains the keywords and phrases your customers are searching for
  • Fresh meta data – including optimised page titles, meta descriptions and keywords
  • Strengthening your internal links – pointing both your customers and search engines in the right direction
  • Quick turnaround – for when you don’t want to have to wait to get things done
  • Publishing – if you want us to add your copy to your website, we’ll do it free of charge.

So what’\'” s the special offer?

It’s simple. We’ll knock 20% off your quote – but only during February 2011, so be quick.

We’re confident you won’t find a better price for a SEO copywriting service includes an interview, keyword research, fresh meta data, stronger internal linking and quick turnaround. So try us out today – just fill in the enquiry slip to get started…

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Use Google's keyword tool to get an insight into what your customers are searching for.

Website Tip

Customers want to hear about benefits, not features. Clever insurance firms don't sell policies – they sell peace of mind. Does your website copywriter understand the difference?

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